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Acme Juicers Are Worth the Investment

The words "Acme Juicers" will bring to mind the cartoon of the coyote and the roadrunner. The funny thing is that some of the features in the Acme juicers would make the coyote smile with delight!
What most people don't know is that this line of Acme appliances is made by Waring, which is a name well known for quality. These juicers have a special design that reduces rocking and vibrations. This patented flywheel is located in the base of the appliance and it acts like a gyroscope. For those that are tired of their juicers "walking" off the counter, the Acme line could be just the answer you are looking for.

Powerful Performance and Very Durable
There are many Acme models to choose from, but two of the most popular are the 5001 Juicerator and the 6001 Juicer Extractor. These Acme juicers will outperform many others that cost more. The Acme 5001 Juicerator offers 550-watts of power that uses a stainless steel blade and centrifugal force to pull the juice out of fruits and vegetables. There is a separate citrus attachment that makes quick work out of these fruits. This is one of the Acme juicer parts that you will need to purchase separately.

There aren't many problem areas with the Acme 5001 Juicerator. The most common complaint is that it is a bit noisy when compared to other similar machines and that it can be rather difficult to clean. However, this is usually quite acceptable due to the performance of the juicer. The oversized feeding tube means that you don't have to chop all those foods into tiny pieces.

Another big plus for this model is that it has a five year warranty on the motor, while most other brands only offer a one year warranty on the motor. You can find this model for about $175; however, it's well worth it.

You will find many of the same impressive features in the 6100 Juice Extractor. It features a ¼ horsepower motor, with a speed of up to 3600 RPM. Many of the parts that are plastic in the Acme 6001 are stainless steel in this model. There are some optional Acme juicer parts that you can purchase, such as a citrus juicer that will take the RPMs down to 300.

Paper filters are both a positive and a negative aspect, as it makes cleaning much easier, but does require that you make this purchase. One final very positive aspect of this Acme 6001 Juice Extractor is that it is covered by a ten year warranty - something that is unheard of today in small appliances. This model is also around $175.

In Closing
Acme appliances provide consumers with powerful performance, exceptional durability, and different options in motor size and RPMS. The centrifugal force helps ensure that as much juice as possible is removed. The warranties are very generous and the price is acceptable for the quality and durability of these juicers. Acme juicer parts are easy to find online and are reasonably priced. All in all, these juicers are good investments.

More information on Acme Citrus Juicers
The Acme 6001 and 5001are centrifugal force juicerators capable of juicing fresh veggies and fruits instantly. With the basket spinning at a rate of 60prm per second, the juices are forced outward through tiny pores . . .


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