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Aicok Juice Extractor

Aicok juice extractor is high and speeds efficient juicer which can extract fresh, delicious and healthy juice effortlessly and without harmful additives. It is a high-speed juicer for fruits and vegetables with dual speed setting and centrifugal unit. This powerful juice extractor has a 400 Watt motor that drives a juice jug to give you an excellent and efficient fruit blend.


  • Power rating is 400W
  • 12.6" length, 7.1" breadth and 11" high
  • brushed stainless steel finish
  • Low-speed motor that rotates 1200 to 1500 rpm
  • Fast speed motor that rotates 1500 to 1800 rpm
  • High quality steel blades


Blending your choice fruits and vegetables have been made easier, healthier and more fun to do. The Aicok juicer juice extractor is a fruit mixer that merits recognition for its effectiveness when extracting tasty and nutritious fruit drink and vegetable extracts.

The Aicok juice extractor has a BPA free food grade stainless steel cutting disc and micro mesh filter which this makes it possible extract up to 30 percent more vitamins and minerals and 25 percent more juice and than other juicers. It also sports a very sharp stainless-steel cutting disc.

The Aicok juicer comes with a safety locking arm. The juice extractor machine will not start unless the juice cover is correctly fitted in a upright position and the safety locking arm is well set in the erect operating point. The the Aicok juicer also has a mechanism for protecting the motor from overheating. Its overload protection system simply shuts off the juicer if the motor is about to be overheated. For anyone who's ever had a juicer that's overheated and just ground to a halt with a wisp of white smoke and that tell-tale burning smell necesitating a new juicer, this is a worthwhile money saving feature.

The Aicok fruit and vegetable juicer has a dual-speed motor that speeds at 12,000- 18,000 RPM, with the lower speed for soft fruits such as melons, apples, grapes, and tomatoes and the high speed to blend hard fruits like ginger, carrot, celery stalks and beets.

This juicer will not work without juicer cover in place and safety locking arm in position in the vertical operating location.

Customer Reviews and Average Score on Amazon

This Aicok Juicer has 477 customer reviews with average score of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Pros and Cons
Some reviewers say that motor can overheat, so it requires stopping at intervals when using for longer sessions and this is a turn off for many users. Also reported that it can be quite tricky to assemble, and this can be somewhat cumbersome for first-time users as the centrifuge bowl, base, lid, and fruit pulp holder are joined, and locking mechanism is keyed in a vertical position on the cover.

Nevertheless, the pros outhweigh the cons. This device can blend fruit very fast with its powerful 400 Watts dual motor. It can extract a wider variety of fruits and vegetables as it comes with two cones each attached to different motor speeds of the machine. The juicer also comes with a safety locking arm that prevents the circle turntable with sharp blades from flying out and causing injuries to users. Finally most reviewers report it's easy to use, assemble, disassemble and clean, and above all, it comes with a 2-year guarantee.

Aicok juicer juice extractor offers a relatively easy way to obtain the nutrients and vitamins while excluding the harmful additives. The swift and strong blade system extracts a fresh, tasty and maximum quantity of juice from fruits and vegetables. Check this product out!

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