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A Braun Juicer offers Good, Solid Performanace and it's Affordable . . .

Thinking of buying a Braun Juicer? They are considered to be one of the leading manufacturers in the world of small kitchen appliances. Max Braun established his company in Germany in 1925, but at the time of its launch, it was a long way from the company that would produce juicers.

The company initially manufactured radios, eventually moving into phonographs. (I'm old enough to know what they are!) In 1947, Braun started producing electric dry shavers, which they patented in 1950.

The Braun blender, called the Multimix, was also patented in 1950. Sales from those household appliances rose quickly, but tragedy befell the company when Max Braun died suddenly in his office in 1951.

Max's sons, Arthur and Erwin Braun, took over the company after their father's death. Arthur took over the technical and engineering side of the company, whereas Erwin dealt with the financial and marketing aspects.

Ambitious Goals Backed by a Solid Advertising Campaign
A solid advertising campaign ensured that the company grew quickly all around the world. The first juicer was just one part of a massive array of household products, including hand held mixers, televisions, hot air heaters, and electric slide projectors.

By the 1960s, a table top heater, a citrus press, and a tape recorder would also be added, as well as many other products. By the end of 1967, Braun sold its majority share to the Gillette Company based out of Boston. Today, kitchen appliances, oral care products, and electric shavers are the company's main offerings.

High Quality, Affordable Small Kitchen Appliances
While many people associate Braun with electric shavers, there is a full line of small kitchen appliances available, too. You can easily find a Braun Juicer, instructions, recipe book, and some accessories for less than you might think.

For example, the Citrus Juicer, MPZ7, is a nice compact machine that does everything that the advertisements say it does. It extracts all the juice from most fruits, and works best with citrus fruits. It is easy to clean and comes with an easy-to-follow booklet of Braun juicer instructions.

The best thing is that this is all available for under $30. You will find a number of other models of juicers available, as well.

Value for Money
A juicer from Braun offers the consumer a good product at an affordable price. There are several models to choose from, all of which come with a full one year warranty. You can also purchase reconditioned models. If refurbished by Braun then they come with a 90 day warranty. Replacement parts are also easily available. Order your Braun Juicer here or check out the best deals and offers

Most reviewers are very happy with the level of customer service from Braun. All-in-all, you will likely be very pleased with the performance of your Braun juicer, as well as with the price.

Braun Citrus Juicers
Braun is a very well respected name brand known for reliable, durable products. Braun Citrus Juicers are no exception to their design excellence. For anyone craving unlimited amounts of citrus juice at very little expense ($20-$50) could a Braun Citrus Juicer is the best juicer on the market for you?


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