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Hamilton Beach Juicer - Long History of Quality, Affordable Products

The Hamilton Beach juicer has been a part of many households since 1925. The design, styling and performance have changed through the years and the quality of these small kitchen appliances has improved tremendously.
Hamilton Beach appliances are durable and can stand up to just about anything you want to put them through. Since so many people are turning to juicing fruits and vegetables to get their daily doses of many nutrients, the electric juicer has become very popular.

Now that there are so many brands on the market today, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you. Below, you will find some information on the Hamilton Beach models so you can decide if one of these models needs to grace your countertop.

Home Tested and Approved
Most of the models available are meant for private kitchens rather than for professionals; however, there are a few commercial models too on the market. These home juicers are a favorite among busy households, as it doesn't take long to make a great tasting, healthy glass of fresh fruit or vegetable juice.

679000 Health Smart Juice Extractor
This is a very popular model, as it is small, portable and quite inexpensive. You can find this 350 watt juicer for about $30 online. It is small, so you will have to chop up the fruits and vegetables so they will fit in the feed shut. It cleans easily and for optimum performance, you will have to clean it frequently if you want to make large quantities of juice.

This is a great choice for those who want to have a glass or two of fresh juice a couple of times a week. It has a one year, limited warranty.

67600 Big Mouth Juice Extractor
For those that want a more powerful option, this is a good choice. It's not at the top of the Hamilton Beach line of juicers, but it is a good options for those that want fresh juice on a daily basis. There's a large feed chute, so there's less chopping needed. In fact, it can handle many fruits and vegetables without any cutting at all. Anything that cuts down on chopping is a winner with me!

An 800-watt motor easily handles the tougher vegetables and there is a large pulp bin. This reduces the need for extra cleaning. This model sells for about $60-$70 online, but it does weight ten pounds, so keep that in mind when computing shipping costs. It has a one year, limited warranty.

In Closing
The Hamilton Beach juicer is a good choice for those who want a small kitchen appliance that can handle various fruits and vegetables. These juicers are durable and convenient, which is what would be expected from this company.



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