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Juiceman Juicers - The Original Infomercial Juicer!

Juiceman juicers were one of the first products to be sold off of TV infomercials, right when juicing first gained popularity in 1992. As a result of the infomercials, the company Trillium Health Products, Inc, had more than 100 million dollars in sales, mostly due to the infomercials of the Juiceman juicer. These infomercials had a great pitch man, Jay Kordich and his highly energetic style contributed to the success of this direct marketing campaign.

There are five models of Juiceman juicers. Three are juicers, one is a juicer and food processor, and one is a handheld mixer. All are available for under $100.

The Juiceman Professional Series 410 Elite is the model that is advertised on the infomercials. It easily juices a variety of fruits and vegetables and comes with a recipe book. This recipe book is perfect for those who are new to juicing.

The Juiceman 410 Elite Features a ½ horsepower motor, which makes quick work of just about any fruit or vegetable. The stainless steel blade removes easily for cleaning and the micro-mesh strainer keeps the pulp out of your juice. The larger capacity of the pulp receptacle allows continuous juicing and the two speeds do well on both hard and soft produce.

This Juiceman juicer is relatively quiet compared to many similar models. The mid-range price makes this a good buy for the money. It is really a good machine for those who are just introducing themselves to the many health benefits of juicing.

The wide-mouth feed chute allows you to feed larger sized pieces and you will spend less time cutting up your produce. All parts are dishwasher safe,

There are some negative aspects, too. Many reviewers have complained about how difficult it can be to get replacement parts for Juiceman juicers if the appliance is no longer under warranty.

There is a one year warranty on the motor and while there are a few exceptions, this is generally the typical length of most warranties. Salton does appear to honor its warranties, though, and most consumer report that the replacement motor or unit was shipped quite quickly. The only other complaint was the occasional report that the basket was difficult to remove over time; however, some believe this was due to a lack of proper cleaning.

A Few Final Thoughts
Juiceman juicers adorn many kitchens today and some people still own the one they bought off the original infomercial! If you are looking for a quality juicer that will last, the Juiceman juicer is a solid choice. With some models priced as low as $50, you will be surprised at how durable this line of juicers really is!



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