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Norwalk Juicers - is the Original Juicer the Best on the Market?

Norwalk Juicers -- Dr. Norman Walker developed the first ever juicer in the year1910. This line of juicers is still available today and is considered the top juicer line available today.
Dr. Walker opened the Norwalk Laboratories of Health Research in order to further investigate the benefits of raw food juicing. He believed that a raw food diet was the answer to optimal health and wellness, and he wanted to share this with the world.

This research prompted him to start the production of a hydraulic press juicer. It was called the Norwalk Triturator Hydraulic Press. From these original designs to the present day Norwalk juicers available today, the commitment to the benefits of juicing has never been sacrificed.

The Granddaddy of All Juicers

There is nothing like a Norwalk Juicer. The advantages of this juicer are quite impressive. For example, the Norwalk Ultimate Machine Model 275 gives you complete extraction.

The hydraulic press completely, but gently, extracts all of the vitamins, minerals, sugars, enzymes, and other important nutritional elements from both fruit and vegetables of all types. This particular extraction method gives the juice a flavor and quality that many other juicers struggle to match.

As an example of the power of a Norwalk appliance, imagine how long it would take you to juice 25 pounds of carrots. The 275 can deliver 7-8 quarts of carrot juice in only twenty minutes. This is one reason why this juicer is so popular.

Many owners of a Norwalk juicer use it only a couple time of week. They can easily keep their refrigerators full of healthy, fresh juices. Because there is very little air mixed in with these juices, the oxidation level is quite minimal. (Despite that, I still prefer my drinks freshly juiced but sometimes convenience takes precedence - it shouldn't but sadly does . . .)

Using a Norwalk is a bit different from the traditional models of juicers available today. Place the fruits or vegetables in the Food Factory part of the juicer. This reduces these foods to an apple sauce consistency and places it into reusable filter bags. These bags are then put into the press. You can fill another bag while the press is extracting the juice from the first bag.

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Not Just For Juice
It can also be used when preparing salads. It has two options for chopping your leafy vegetables - course or fine. You can use raw or cooked fruits and vegetables. You can also easily make coarse, creamy, and regular peanut butters without having to add any oil. It's perfect for chopping up any type of nut for salads and desserts, too. Just find the right recipe and you can make ice cream, smoothies, mashed potatoes, and can even chop up herbs.

Easy Cleaning
Cleaning is relatively easy and only takes a few seconds. In addition, you only have to clean it after you have completely finished juicing. There are five parts on this machines that are removable, and it's very simple to disassemble. All are made from stainless steel and are dishwasher safe.

Beautiful, Stylish Design
This juicer is beautifully designed, with a wide range of finishes available, including stainless steel, wood grain, red, blue, yellow, almond and white. It comes with a full instruction book and there is also a video to help you learn the most effective way to use this machine. A full recipe book will help you create some fantastic juices, too.

A Few Final Thoughts
The Norwalk Juicer is quite an exceptional machine. It features an impressive 12 year warranty - unfortunately the price tag is equally as impressive! At $2,100, it is the most expensive juicer on the market today. Definitely not for the newly converted or occasional juicer.

You can find it for less online, but it may take a bit of searching. There are some sites that offer refurbished units, but you won't have the warranty in place. Customer service is very well reviewed and replacement parts can be easily found through the Norwalk Company. If you want one juicer that will likely last a lifetime and exceeds all expectations, then a Norwalk Juicer could well be the one you're searching for.

Used Norwalk Juicer - Worth Finding?
A new Norwalk 275 Juicer Extractor will cost you around $2,000-$2500. Needless to say, this is a considerable sum of money. However, for many people, the performance of this machine makes the price tag quite agreeable. If you are considering purchasing one of these fine machines, you probably have thought about a used Norwalk juicer, as well. Is this a purchase that is just as good a value?


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