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Samson Juicer: Rugged, Tough, and Effective

A Samson juicer is the perfect option for those that want a dependable, rugged and efficient fruit and vegetable juicer.
The Samson name is well-known for a wide a range of juicer models that are versatile and made to last for years. In fact, if you happen to knock it off the counter, chances are that it will still work after you pick it up.

History of Samson
Samson introduced the Single Auger Juicer in 1992. Up until this time, the only juicers you could find were high speed masticating models. Samson's auger technology has really revolutionized the market for juicers.

A few years later, Samson introduced the Samson Ultra Twin Gear Juicer. In 2008, Samson Brands bought the Wheateena Product Brand. Those juicers were actually introduced in 1966. The result has been an incredible line of juicers that are designed to last.

Best-Selling Models
With power enough to turn carrots and celery into those heart-healthy juices that you crave, the Samson 9001 Juicer is one of the company's hottest selling juicers.

This is a single-gear juicer that can easily transform your favorite fruit and vegetable pieces into healthy, delicious juice. Because this single-auger juicer works at slow speeds, the juice retains more of the important nutrients. It can also handle leafy greens such as spinach, which many juicers cannot.

It will even make nut butters. This Samson juicer is easy to clean and it only takes less than five minutes.

The motor is covered by a ten year warranty, while the rest of the parts are covered by a five year warranty.

If you are looking for multipurpose juicers, Samson has a 6-in-1 single-gear juicer. It is one of the most popular models available today in both the United States and Canada. For those that want high quality juicers, Samson 6-in-1 is a great choice.

The many functions of this model include a fruit and vegetable juicer, a meat chopper and mincer, a seasoning mincer, a pasta maker and an ice-cream maker. This juicer comes with six nozzle attachments.

The 6-in-1 offers continuous, high yield juicing. It cleans up in under one minute and has a very simply disassembly for cleaning. Even extracting juice from aloe and pine leaves is possible with this model; no other juicer has this feature.

There is very minimal foaming because it operates at a low speed. This appliance also features a five year warranty on parts and a ten year warranty on the motor.

You can also find a few refurbished juicers. Samson rebuilds some, but so do other businesses. However, remember that the warranty may not be accepted if the refurbished unit was not rebuilt by Samson.

A Few Final Thoughts
There are many other models of Samson juicers, including the Samson Ultra Juicer, the Samson 9003, 9004, 9005, and 9006. For those that expect more from their juicers, Samson certainly does not disappoint. You can find these machines for about $219 to $299.



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