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Vita Mix Juicer - Not Your Ordinary Juicer

The Vita Mix juicer is not just an ordinary juicer - this is a powerful kitchen appliance that has really revolutionized the way that many people look at a blender.

That's right - a blender. It may not look like a juicer, but it does a great job at providing you with the healthy, great tasting juice you want. The machine blends very quickly, and it also purees and chops at an impressive speed.

There are some very impressive features to a Vitamix juicer.

Exceptional Performance
This juicer-blender comes with two speeds - "high" which goes at an impressive 218 miles per hour. This ensures the perfect consistency, with no chunks. You will find that the 2hp motor works without any chugging or slowing.

You can create the most wonderful purees, soups, sauces, and salad dressings, without all the graininess that is so common with less effective juicers and blender models.

In addition, a Vitamix juicer is also great for chopping nuts, carrots as well as the softer vegetables and fruits, such as mushrooms and onions. Because of the sheer speed that's available with the high speeds, you can even make homemade nut butters.

Looking for an ice shaver? This nifty device makes quick work of six cups of ice cubes.

There aren't many disadvantages to a Vitamix blender except perhaps that the high setting can be a bit noisy. The most common complaint is about the price; these machines are expensive. You can expect to pay $300 or more for this kitchen appliance. However, it would be hard to find a blender or a juicer that even comes close to the performance, durability, and ease of use that this machines offers.

Great Recipes
A great bonus to the Vita Mix Juicer is the recipe book that includes 200 recipes. You will likely find some new favorite drink concoctions in this recipe book, many of which will give you the wonderful benefits of freshly made juices and smoothies. With a 64 oz carafe, you can make enough for the family to share.

Different Models
There are several models available, including the 5200, the Super 5200, and the Deluxe 5200. Each comes with different blades and attachments. The only real disadvantage to the Vitamix juicers is the price; however, this could be the last juicer/blender you will ever need to buy. Order your Vitamix Juicer here or check out the best deals and offers

A Few Final Points
The Vitamix Juicer is very easy to clean and it's dishwasher safe. There is a seven year warranty on the Vita Mix juicer. Almost all the reviews speak to the durability, performance, and overall satisfaction with this machine. If you want a good quality juicer, then you should certainly consider the Vitamix Juicer


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