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Waring Juicers - More than Meets the Eye

The history of Waring juicers and small appliances goes back to 1933, when Fred Osius invented and patented the blender. He did not have the financial backing needed to put this kitchen appliance into the stores, so he contacted Fred Waring.
While Waring agreed to back further research on the blender, six months later, he still had a blender with too many design errors. Osius was pushed to the side and Waring had the blender redesigned.

Finally, in 1937, the Waring blender was introduced to the public. It didn't take long for the popularity of this small kitchen appliance to skyrocket and a full line of other small appliances soon followed.

Powerful Waring Juicers
Waring small appliances are well made and, in most cases, are affordably priced. Today, one of the most powerful juicers you can find is the Waring Pro Juicer. It is quite attractive with its brushed stainless steel exterior enhanced by a black trim and shiny plastic pieces.

While this juicer does look nice, it the interior working that really set this machine apart from other models. With an 850 watt motor, which is over twice as powerful as the normal juicer, you can power through a massive amount of fruits and vegetables in no time at all. With two speeds, the Waring Pro Juicer can handle just about anything you put into it.

Some other positive attributes include the extra wide, oversized feed chute. At three inches, it can handle the large pieces of fruit that other models cannot.

The juice cup is large and can handle up to six cups of your favorite fruit or vegetable juice. It also features a pulp collection cup. There are many people who do not quite like pulp in their juice and this is one of the Waring juicers that gives you the option that many others do not. Since all the pulp is in a separate cup, you can add pulp to your juice if you want it or you can leave it pulp free.

For those with larger kitchens, this model of Waring juicers won't be a problem. However, for those with little counter space, the larger size could pose a problem. The dimensions of this juicer are 13 ¾ inches high by 10 ½ inches wide. There is a five year warranty on the motor and you can find this Warning Pro Juicer for between $80 and $120. Order your Waring Juicer here or check out the best deals and offers

Another model to consider is the Waring Citrus Juicer. One of the first things you'll notice about this juicer is that it is heavier than most other juicers. It weighs in at about ten pounds, but the plus side of that is that the juicer doesn't shift or "walk" off the counter. It is also a bit larger than most juicers, too, coming in at just under a foot tall. It performs quite well, running through bags of lemons and oranges without any problems.

The company boasts that Waring Citrus Juicer can handle 120 oranges an hour. While it's hard to imagine anyone needing that much orange juice, it does speak to the overall performance of the appliance. This juicer is easy to clean and it has the same five year warranty on the motor that the Pro Juicer has. You can find this juicer for around $50.

A Final Thought
There is no doubt that the Waring Pro Juicer and the Waring Citrus Juicer are well made and sturdy. The large size is usually the biggest drawback, but if your kitchen can handle it, these models are worth the money.

More information on Waring Juicers - citrus juicer models
Waring juicers come in home or commercial models so there is sure to be a model to suit your citrus juice tastes. Those who continually use their juicer to produce large quantities of juice are recommended to choose a commercial or professional juicer . . .
Order your Waring Juicer here or check out the best deals and offers  

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